In recent years, life has presented me with abundant writing  “material”, related to  aging parents, personal and family health issues, and  the search for “home”.  In 2013, I began to create written pieces in response to my day to day experiences of poignancy, pain, perseverance, struggle, strength,  and sweetness .  The writing has continued to be a way of maintaining perspective amidst less than ideal circumstances.

My hope is that in sharing, readers will connect to the details of their own lives.  I have always found healing and transformation in creative expression, and hope to inspire others to find  humor, Grace, tenderness, and resilience in the midst of challenge.

The pieces were written as an ongoing narrative, and they are arranged in chronological order.  The unfolding story can  be  followed from  the beginning,  or any  piece can be read on its own.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing this journey with me,


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Life just keeps presenting so much material! Grateful, as always, for the healing that comes with transforming painful experience into creative expression.